Discover the secrets of building a successful business
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“Discover How to Harness the Power of Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Networks to Build Your Business Fast!”

Once you hear what I’ve got to share with you about Facebook and the other social networks, you’ll be ready to dominate your market in just weeks!

Only a handful of professional marketers are even aware of the existence of the strategies you’re about to discover, so brace yourself!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin, Plaxo, and the list goes on and on. What are these webs sites? In a nutshell they are the most popular sites on the Internet! Big deal, right? Well, if you’re trying to build a business that will give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, then yes, this is a big deal. Here’s why.

Your Message Has to be Seen in Order to Get Response

Sounds logical, right? If you want more sales you’ve simply got to get your message in front of a big enough audience. The more people that see your message, the more sales you’ll make. But how do you do that when the cost of advertising is sky high and rising?

Or how do you do that when e-mail is simply not getting delivered? The key lies in getting your message into those areas on the Internet where the people already are. Most people have it backwards and set up a web site and then they work every so hard to attract people back to their web site. That’s the hard way of doing things.

The easy way is to get your message in places where people are already gathered! Think of it this way. If you want to be famous, you’ve got to go where the cameras are, and you’ve got to be seen! The cameras are not going to come and find you! So how does this affect how your going about building your business? Watch this short video, then read on!

Over the last 2 years, there has been a literal explosion of new technologies and methods by which people communicate and exchange information. While e-mail has been the “killer-application” since it’s development way back in the late 1960’s, it’s no longer the marketing tool it once was.

With the advent of Web 2.0, social networking, texting, blogging, instant messaging, and other hot new technologies, e-mail just isn’t as necessary to people as it once was. In fact, many companies who have relied on e-mail as their primary marketing channel for years are finding it’s not even close to being a viable marketing vehicle, and are closing down their e-mail operations because response has dropped below the level of profitability.

Spam, spam filters, viruses, trojans, worms, and other nasty threats including “Phisihing” have all taken their toll on our e-mail system and now our customers are using e-mail much less, in favor of newer, faster and more reliable technologies. What this means is that if you’re relying on e-mail to build your business, you’re in trouble unless you know what I’m going to share with you here.

It’s Now a Web 2.0 World, Like it or Not

What happens to you if you have no idea how any of this newfangled stuff works? What if you’re not even sure what Web 2.0 really is or even it’s something real?

Honestly, you’re in real trouble. Unfortunately, this will mean the end for many businesses this year if they fail to fully embrace the changes that have occurred on the Internet. Relying on e-mail alone to build your business today is financial suicide.

There is a Better Way to Market and Succeed on the Internet!

Let me share a brief story with you about a woman who has a web site that is now the #6 most visited web site in her market niche – public relations. The site is only a few years old, and she’s not a marketing genius by most people’s standards. In fact, she has only a small e-mail list and uses it only to alert people to what’s on her web site.

Yet, she’s very successful, has a business that’s thriving, growing, and getting even more popular each and every day. What you should know is that she is an expert in Web 2.0 and the new social networking scene and the new public relations channels. Her abilities in these areas are what lead to my meeting her a few months ago. Today, we’re working on a new project together that will grow my business and hers too!

Let Me Show You What I’ve Discovered

First, you CAN build a successful business without a list, which is something I would have never dreamed of saying to you just a few short months ago! That’s how fast the traditional marketing model is changing and being reshaped by Web 2.0 technologies.

To give you another example, in my own business, I’m spending more of my time these days on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and others. I’m meeting new people, and adding new names to my contact lists each and every day.

In fact, I’ve “met” nearly 1,000 new friends on Facebook in just a few short weeks, and my list of friends grows everyday without any effort on my part. Think about it for a moment. I’ve now got 1,000 new people to market to and it cost me nothing, zero, zip, zilch! I want to show you how I did it so you can too because it’s really not that hard and it’s very valuable!

Let me run that by you again. I started out with a FREE Facebook account. I invited people to be my friends by sending simply “friend requests” for FREE on Facebook. Inside of just a few weeks, I’ve now gotten more than 1,000 new friends in my Facebook account.

Now when I want to promote something, I simply use my FREE Facebook account to send a notice to my 1,000 friends for FREE. Are you getting the picture?

To give you another real-time example of well this all works, I put up a simple 4-line post on Linkedin one evening as I was wrapping up my work for the day. The next morning, I had 52 new subscribers to my newsletter, and one of those became a consulting client who paid me several thousand dollars that very same week! Not bad for something that’s free, took only a few minutes, is very accessible, and reaches thousands of targeted prospects in real time.

I now use this same strategy each and every week, with similar results. While not ground-shaking, it’s reliable, consistent, and it grow my contact lists daily.. Oh, today, I connected with a journalist from CNBC who invited me to join a private networking group only for CEO’s and journalists! Who knows what can happen from here – interviews on television, articles posted on, consulting, speaking, product sales, or all of the above! The point is that this cost me nothing in dollars, and took just a few minutes a day for me to accomplish.

Everyday my business grows, even when so many other businesses are folding under the pressure of a strapped economy!

There are few other things I know of that can do this for you.

In other case, I put up a new web site, did ZERO promotion, was listed in Google within 4 hours, and within just one week had more than 200 new unique visitors to that site thanks to Google. Zero cost, tiny effort, and the site continues to get new traffic each and every day. I want to show you what I did so you can do it too! (By the way, I show this to my consulting clients who pay me thousands of dollars for the information!)

This is What is Important for You to Know Now

The marketing game on the Internet has changed. It’s actually changed for the better in many ways. Now you can make money in hours, with no list, and without having to pay anything to anybody or even twist anybody’s arm to get them to “joint-venture” with you. Think about it. This is a better model for success that’s now accessible to everybody!

This opens up the marketing landscape to many more people, regardless of how much money they have, or how many people they have on their mailing list! In fact, with a few minutes to spare each day, you could be building your business at literally zero cost! Interested in hearing more? Read on!

Once you discover just how easy it’s really become to market on the Internet, you’ll likely jump right in with both feet and see nearly immediate results from your efforts!

You do need to know a few things, though, and right now, there is almost nobody out there teaching you what you need to know to marketing in a Web 2.0 world. I’m going to train you so that you get it right the first time and see results in hours, not weeks or months.

Things have changed because of the way we use the Internet has changed. The search engines are simply doing their best to keep up, to deliver fresh and relevant content, and to do that, they are constantly changing how they index and rank web pages on the Internet.

The good news is that it has all gotten much, much simpler than it has ever been in the past. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars each month buying clicks or optimizing your site, you don’t have to be one of the lucky few to have a large mailing list, and you don’t have to become a marketing guru to make a living online.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. In the past, it could take upwards of 6 months for the search engines to index and list your web site. Today, it is being done inside of 4 hours! Last week, I had a page loaded on my web site that was indexed within an hour! And the next day, I was already seeing new traffic to this brand new page! It’s a very different game today.

By now you understand that things have changed. What you may not yet know is what to do about it, how to use it to your advantage, and how to profit from it before the rest of the crowd begins to figure it all out. Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you how it all works and what to do to make it all work for you right now!

And you’ll get it fast in your very own copy of “The Facebook Factor” program that’s available now!

“The Facebook Factor” Program is Here!

  • You’ll discover the 5 most profitable ways to build your business – most of which cost you nothing at all!

  • You’ll know which of the Social Networking sites to spend time on, and which ones to avoid.

  • You’ll get an insider look at the strategies to use to get maximum response for minimal effort – within hours!

  • You’ll find out just how and why people share information and how the information they share could be your ticket to millions of dollars in sales!
  • You’ll be able to make new friends, uncover new business opportunities, make new sales, and get your message into places that you could never before imagine it going!
  • You will be part of the very small group of people who are now using and profiting from the new marketing channels on the Internet putting you well ahead of the rest of the crowd immediately!

    And you’ll discover much, much more too!

Here’s a Small Sampling of What Others Are Saying About This Program

Bruce-Goldman“Robert Imbriale has always stayed ahead of the crowd when it comes to using the Internet to build a business. While many marketers are presently touting the potential of social networking sites, Robert goes beyond the basics and offers insightful advice on how to actually take advantage of this new marketing tool.

The CDs go into detail about the type of content that is most likely to go viral quickly. And they spell out the ins and outs of how to get well known in your niche so you will be regarded as an expert, with an emphasis on providing relevant value to the market you are trying to reach. All of this is presented in Robert’s breezy, down-to-earth conversational style that blends his keen knowledge of marketing, psychology, and emotional motivators.”

Bruce Goldman
Owner and Founder
Ultimate History Buffs

“What a great program! Clear, concise and expert direction. I will listen to this again and again. The money is made on the message NOT the technical.
You have lifted a burden from my shoulders feeling I have to be a technical geek to be successful. It is really so very simple and we don’t need to over complicate the process. Thanks and look forward to developing this with you.”

Julian Thornton
Melbourne, Australia

“Good morning, Robert, What a wonderful Social Media program! The information actually WAS uplifting which in this instance means upbuilding plus! I am astounded at how much I didn’t know I didn’t know. This is not a typo!”

Pat Wooldridge

“I spent $25,000 in 2005 on various advertising and it was a total waste of money. I wish I would have had this information at that time!”

– Belinda Rachman
 “Divorce In A Day Mediation

“Robert walks his talk, and the proven results he has continually produced for himself and his clients over 20 years lets you know what he tells you, you can take to the bank!”

– Lyle Fixsen
Internet Entrepreneur

Now It’s Time for You to Start Profiting from These Powerful Strategies

The-Facebook-FactorIf you’re anything like me, you want to have a competitive advantage. You want to know what’s working now, and how it works so that you can benefit from it right now.

You want to be using it before it becomes common knowledge, and you want to be shown how it all works instead of trying to figure it all out on your own.

This is the mark of a successful business owner. Get the facts and put them to work for you immediately so that you’re making money while everybody else is still trying to figure it all out on their own!

Since the very beginning, this is how I’ve run my business. I’ve been ahead of the trends on the Internet from the day I made my very first sale online in 1989! This is what has kept me on top and continues to keep my business in good standing and it can do the very same for your business too!

Now I want you to know what only a few already know about building a business using social media. Knowing how this all works will put you well ahead of the crowd and bring your business to new levels of success – even in a down economy!

What’s the Catch Here? This is “Too Good to be True”

There is a catch. Sorry, but I think you should know up front what you’re in for. The catch is simply this. If you continue to play the game the way you’ve been playing it, you’re going to get WORSE results than you’ve gotten in the past. Or you may see that you’re getting no results from the same things that worked just a few months ago. That’s how fast things are moving!

Things have changed so much on the Internet that if you decide not to change your approach, you’ll be left so far behind, you may not have a business a few months from now. So the catch is that you really haven’t got a choice. Change is here, it’s real, and you’ve got to adapt your marketing to these new changes if you plan on staying in business.

Unfortunately, there are few places right now where you can really learn what to do to build your business and make more direct sales by getting more traffic to your marketing messages.

This is why I’m offering you this opportunity right now to hear a powerful, no holds barred, training program where I’ll give you an immediate “unfair” advantage in the marketplace!

Grab a pen, sit back and listen as I lay out the most powerful, profitable strategies for you to put to use immediately so that you start seeing new sales fast!

What you’ll get in this program are the most effective ways to build your business, reach more people, and sell more products and services. The end result is that you’ll have better, more effective marketing strategies at your fingertips to help you build your business, even if you’re just now getting started!

But there’s more to this program than just another stack of marketing strategies. I’m not, nor have I ever been, the type to just tell you what to do. While that may suffice for many other people, I know that to really be successful, you’ve got to understand why I’m telling you to do things in the way that I do.

So, “The Facebook Factor” is more than just another ‘how-to” program. It’s an in depth look at the reasons why social networking is so popular and why people do the things they do on these networks. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be in a powerful position of being able to create your very own social marketing strategies that may even be more profitable than what I share with you in this program!

This is a No Risk Offer!

I know I can’t please everybody. I know that you may be skeptical and you may be wondering if I really can show you some new tricks you’ve not heard before. Hey, I would be too, so I’m offering you a risk-free money-back guarantee to help ease your fears!


You get A 100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked! If you don’t agree that my program contains all the gems I’ve mentioned on this web page, simply call my office and we’ll issue you a prompt, full refund. It’s that simple! You’ve got nothing to lose because I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Now

The Facebook Factor is now shipping and you can get your copy sent to you today so you can start profiting from the strategies you’ll discover in this 2-CD program! The program is nearly 2 hours in length and it can be listened to on your home stereo system, in your car, on your computer, or even on your iPod!

I wanted to make this program affordable for you, but I didn’t want to cut corners and end up giving you a bunch of unfulfilled promises either. So after much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to let you have this program for a ridiculously low price.

When I first thought of creating this program, I wanted to offer it for the low, low price of $497. But I decided that wasn’t good enough and that I could much, much better for you. After all, the goal of this program is to do everything I can to make sure you get it in your hands, listen to it, and start using all the strategies you’ll hear on these 2 CDs.

So, you can get this program, both audio CDs, with everything I originally intended to have in the program for the really, really, really low price of just $19.95! Yup, less than $20, or less than the cost of lunch for two at a low-end restaurant!

Remember, if you don’t agree that you’re getting everything I’ve promised here, simply call my office and we’ll issue you a complete refund. You’ve got nothing to lose and much, much, much to gain to owning this powerful program now!

What Are You Waiting For?

Maybe you’re the type to wait and see. Maybe you’re not the impulsive kind of person who jumps at opportunities when they appear. Chances are if this is who you are then you’re likely running a business that is much less than it could otherwise be. I’m not preaching, I’m speaking from much person experience.

Now, when I see opportunity show up, I’m eager to jump at the chance to at very least explore it to see if it holds any value for me. So that has meant that I’ve purchased hundreds of programs every year, and continue to be an eager consumer of great training programs, books, CD’s, seminars, and coaching.

That has helped me continue to grow my business, get new clients regularly, and to be able to help more and more people year after year!

Now, you could wait for somebody else to offer this type of program, but in the meantime, you’ll be missing out on building your business, generating new leads, and making more sales! If your business is booming and you don’t need more leads and really have no need for more sales, I understand, otherwise you must get yourself a copy of this program now!

For most of my clients, making just a SINGLE additional sale will more than cover their investment for this program! It’s truly not a complicated decision to make. You want a more successful business so you do everything you can to get trained by somebody who’s been there and done it so you can do it too!

Personally, I’m looking forward to sharing this information with you. I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories and I’m looking forward to knowing that you’re hitting your sales goals and more because of what I’m going to show you in this program.

Reaching new prospects on a regular basis is key to the success of any business. It’s the juice that makes a business grow, and it’s the most important function of any marketing program.

What I’m going to share with you will make it easy for you to jump right in and start seeing results immediately. It will make it easy to build your business. And it will make getting more sales seem effortless by comparison to what you’ve been taught in the past!

I’m so excited about this that I simply can’t wait to share it all with you! Order your copy now and I’ll do my absolute best to get it on its way to you today!

The Facebook Factor Double CD Set

Be outstanding!

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’
Best-selling author of Motivational Marketing
(available now at fine bookstores everywhere!)

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