Are You Making the One Mistake that Will Kill Your Dreams Faster Than Any Other?

This one thing will take away your drive, motivation, and energy  if you don’t find ways to control it right now!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Do you feel that you could be making more progress on the goals you set for yourself?

Are you frustrated that year after year you  just never seem to make any kind of major progress in your life?

Do you wonder what the problem is and more importantly, how to solve it once and for all?

It was New year’s Eve, and I was sitting in my home office working on a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in the coming year instead of being a some party, drinking way too much.

My list was extensive and I thought that since I had so many different things on my list (27 major projects to be exact), I was just about guaranteed to have a great year!

The year was 1996 and no matter how you look at it, that year was not one of my best. You see, I had committed the one error that derails more dreams than any other. It’s the one thing that you have no choice but to become a master at controlling, regardless of what’s going on around you, and I failed miserably.

In fact, when I look back (knowing what I know now) I simply can’t believe that I was that far off track with my thinking. But I was, and I paid the price. And it didn’t end there for me, it took several more years before I began to see the folly of my ways.

Failure Taught Me a Great Lesson

Today, I can spot this error in other people at 100 yards blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back! I am not alone, this is an issue that the vast majority of the population struggles with, and those that find the solutions tend to rise to the top of their industry with ease.

It’s About Your Focus!

The issue, of course is focus. In other words, it’s being able to stay with one thing long enough to see it through without being distracted or losing your motivation along the way. Of course, it’s easier said than done for most people.

Staying Focused Allows You To;

– Become a master in your field – Build momentum that will make you a powerful force in your industry – Reach levels of success that most people can only dream about

For instance, I have a very good friend who has dreams of being a trainer for people who want to get into business for themselves. Well, that’s what she wants to do this week, anyway. Some weeks it’s working with kids, some weeks it’s working with Fortune 500 companies.

Now I’m not judging her here, it’s just that she is one of many people I’ve worked with over the years who ends up making little forward progress because she has been unable to stick with one thing long enough to see it through!

While it can be painful to watch, and even more painful for her because of the sheer lack of results of any kind, there are solutions to this destructive habit. Trust me on this one.

Jumping from one opportunity to the next is NOT the path to success,  it’s the shortcut to lifelong struggle and poverty!

Over the years, I’ve come to understand why I was jumping all over the place, starting this business, writing that article, being the person who was both in front of and behind the camera and I know you just can’t be everywhere at once.

By making a few critical changes to the way I was approaching my business, I was in a much better position to stay focused on the things that really mattered most to me and my business.

This past New Year’s Eve, I had just one project on my list for this year, and I’ve been focused on just that one thing ever since. And by staying focused, I’ve seen BIGGER results in a SHORTER period of time than I’d ever experienced before!

But the key issue here is that typically, it can take you years, or even decades before you figure out just what to do to become a more focused person.

It’s not your fault!

Our society is a busy one, and being busy is considered “normal” by today’s standards. But jumping from this to that to the other thing is NOT the way to become a successful business owner, reach your dreams, or lead a life you can be satisfied with.

Your only way out is to cut out the things that cause you to lose your focus and do everything in your power to stay focused and keep making progress on the ONE THING that will give you everything you want in life.

I would like to help you. I want to coach you and guide you in taking the first critical steps to getting and keeping yourself focused, regardless of what else is happening around you.

Once you get a handle on your focus, and you have powerful tools you can use to stay focused, the results you get from your efforts will begin to improve immediately!

I’ve experienced it first hand. I’ve helped hundreds of people experience it, and now it’s your turn!

I’ve prepared a crash-course in the art of staying focused that you can download in as little as 3 minutes from right now!

But before you go the download page, ask yourself this question:

“Where would you be today if only you had been able to stay focused for just a little while longer?”

Ouch! I know that’s not a fun question to ask, but it helps to know where you stand. Here’s a better-feeling question;

“Where will I be in the next 12 months if I can only find a way to stay focused on my most important project?”

If you’re like me, you’re probably dreaming right now about how great your life will be in the coming year for no other reason than because you were able to stay focused on your most important goal.

Master the Art of Staying Focused

Master the Art of Staying Focused

Master the Art of Staying Focused

I can help and in the audio you’re about to download, I share the 6 biggest challenges to staying focused and give your REAL SOLUTIONS to each and every one of them.

Don’t put this off. Download this powerful coaching program right now and start putting my solutions to work for you immediately.

You’ll be able to wipe out the most damaging distractions in mere minutes and get right back on track, no matter what comes your way.

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You’ll Discover;

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 Be outstanding!

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

P. S. Look around you at the most successful people you know and I’m certain you’ll find that have been able to stay focused and see things through to completion more often than most. Learn how to be just like them with this powerful audio coaching program!