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Dear Job-Seeker,

Please, please, please stop doing things the hard way!

Stop sending dozens and dozens of resumes that nobody bothers to looks at anymore.

Stand out and cut ahead of the line and end up on top of the pile instead of at the bottom, or even worse, in the trash!

Most everything you’ve been taught about job hunting is wrong!

Your resume is a very poor tool for getting hired for a new job! Yet almost every job seeker relies on this same tired, ineffective, old document when looking to secure a new job.

Think about this for a moment, if you are the person looking to hire somebody for job you have available, how many boring, tired resumes are you going to look at before your eyes glaze over and every single resume starts looking the same? Honestly, it doesn’t take long for this happen. I’ve been there and I’ve had my eyes glazer over again and again as I poured over boring resume after boring resume.

And, I’ve been on the other side of the desk as the person looking for a job too. Like so many other job-hunters, I listened to the “experts” and followed their advice to the letter, and after sending out more than 600 resumes without getting even one interview, I knew what I had been taught was all wrong.

Out of sheer desperation, I dared try a different approach and secured 3 job offers in under a week! Lucky for me because that was the week my unemployment benefits ran out! I accepted the best job offer and got myself back on my feet after being out of work for 6 long months.

Not long after that, I got an even better job without ever using a resume at all!

That’s right, I NEVER sent another resume out after I found a better way to present myself to potential employers. Not only that, I successfully secured 3 TOP-LEVEL jobs in marketing with 3 multi-million dollar companies over the course of 5 years!

Would You Like to Know What I Learned the Hard Way?

If I were unemployed, or worse, under-employed right now, I’d be looking for every and any advantage I could get to secure a new job for myself. If you feel the same way, then I’d like to help you right now!

I’d like to show you how to immediately be seen as the right candidate!

I’d like to show you how to lead with the best you have to offer, and how to effectively communicate with a potential employer so that they can instantly see the value in your knowledge, skills, and experience.

I want to show you what I’ve learned and how to apply it so that your job search results in the high-paying job you really want now!

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]How to Find a Great Job in a Challenging Economy[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

How to Find a Great Job in a Challenging Economy

How to Find a Great Job in a Challenging Economy

You may be wondering what a “marketing guy” who is a business owner, not an employee, can teach you about find a job. That’s a fair question.

Not only have I been on BOTH sides of the interview desk, I routinely help my clients interview and hire new employees and I know what it takes to properly market yourself in order to get the big interviews that lead to great job offers.

In the average year, I read hundreds of resumes, I interview potential candidates, and I see the multitude of mistakes these people make when applying for a job. I also coach some of my clients who are employees on how to better present themselves to potential employers.

I’m no stranger to the job hunting process, and I get to see it from both sides of the interview desk again and again all year long.

I want to share with you the best of what I know so that you too can get a new job, get back to work, and get back to being financially stable. I’ve just created a new mini-training program for you that I’ve loaded from start to finish with my best job hunting strategies.

This is NOT a sales presentation designed to sell you into buying more products, it’s a powerful, no-holds-barred, information-packed training session for job seekers, period! And I’m offering it to you for less than you’d pay for lunch at the local deli.

Here’s What You’ll Hear in This Powerful Un-Cut Crash-Course;

– How to make sure your resume gets read and gets a response!

– Why the vast majority of resumes end up in the trash without every being read

– How to leap-frog from your current pay-grade to multiple 6-figures and beyond!

– Powerful strategies for finding a great job, in spite of bad economic times.

– Discover what really works, what’s completely misguided, and walk into your next interview seriously ready to impress!

– Learn the art of finding work in ways nobody else is talking about!

– And much, much more!

You Can be Listening to this Powerful Program Just Minutes From Now!

If you’re like me, you want answers, and you want those answers now. You’re not interested in listening to hours and hours of “fluff.” You want the meat, just the meat, and you want it right now.


You can get your hands on this very crash-course on successful jog hunting and be listening to it just a few minutes from now! You can listen on your computer, you can copy the file to iTunes® and put it on your iPod®, or you could burn the entire course to an audio CD and listen while you drive.

You’ll Get a Download Link to the MP3 File Immediately

I know times are tough, and I want to be part of the solution, so I’m making this audio crash-course available to you at the lowest possible price I could dream up. You may know that I usually charge thousands of dollars to work with clients, and many of my training programs sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact, just one hour of my time usually sells for $1,750!

Now you can have this powerful crash-course called, “How to Find a Great Job in a Challenging Economy” for just $9.95. That’s less than the cost of sending a dozen or so resumesin the mail. Resumes, I might add, that won’t get you the even a fraction of the results that you’ll get when you apply what I share with you in this powerful program! (Think: Crash-Course in Job Hunting)

Honestly, I wish somebody had offered me this information when I was unemployed and looking desperately for a great job during the 1987 recession. I would have suffered a lot less back then and probably would have found a much better job in much less time too!

Don’t let your family suffer because you’re not able to land a great job. Get the facts and follow a few powerful strategies that will put the odds back in your favor – fast!

Get back on your feet, find a job you can enjoy and get back to enjoying life instead of being the victim of the stresses that being under-employed or unemployed can bring.

Grab this powerful resource right now and gain an unfair advantage over your competition and get the job you’ve been looking for!

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Be outstanding! 

Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

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