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Only a small handful of professional marketers are  now using direct mail
to sell their wares.  This means there’s little or no competition  for
your prospect’s attention when you use  direct mail to promote your products and services!

BUT, this rare opportunity won’t last!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

This is one of those times when acting fast will make a big difference to your success. Not since the dawn of the post office has there been so little real competition for your prospect’s attention, and this window of opportunity might not last! Let me explain.

Since April of 2003, e-mail has been under attack from all sides. First it was hit with government regulation designed to stem the tide of spam, or unsolicited e-mail. They should have called this new law the “You Can Spam Act” because it only led to dramatically increasing the amount of junk e-mail in your inbox.

The industry responded with more technology solutions. They introduced spam filters, content filtering, domain keys, SPF records, and more. The result? There’s more spam being sent every single hour than ever before at any time in our entire history! The really, really, really bad news is that more and more legitimate, law-abiding e-mail is also being caught up in spam filters and is never seen by the very people who have requested to be placed on your mailing list.

The reason for this massive increase in spam e-mail is simple. The people behind the spam now have to send hundreds of times more e-mail to get the same results they getting before spam filters were introduced. And they are a crafty bunch too. They defeat most spam filter systems moments after the latest updates are released.

The net result is that your inbox continues to be filled with more and more junk, and you spend less and less time reading it each day. Worse yet, much of your “good” e-mail is being killed off by these spam filters and today e-mail has become the most unreliable of all marketing tools!

What Would You Do Without E-mail?

I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you from my own experience that e-mail is no longer the reliable money-maker that it once was. In fact if you look at the numbers, less than 10% of all the e-mail you send to your list is ever opened! Surprised? I was too, until I saw the reports with my own eyes.

Most of your e-mail today ends up in the junk box because you violated any of the more than 50,000 “rules” the spam filter creators have determined signal a spam e-mail message!

Get this. If you use the word “live” or “movie” in your e-mail, you’ll be tagged with points for sending pornography and your message will be deleted instead of delivered! That hurts when your business consists of producing LIVE teleseminars, radio broadcasts, and often refer to movies like “The Secret” in your messages!

The situation is bleak, and I sure hope it gets better soon. But, right now, today, it’s not. It’s gotten progressively worse since April of 2003 when the first spam filters were introduced to the public.

There is a Better Way to Market and Succeed!

You have a choice to make. You can sit back and watch your business SHRINK and eventually die, or you can do what only a handful of marketers are now doing to reap massive profits while the rest of the marketing crowd crosses their fingers and hopes things will get better soon.

Listen, you’re not going to pay the rent each month with excuses. You need answers. And you need a way to effectively reach your customers with your marketing message in way they will see, and respond to! This is how business is done.

If they aren’t getting your e-mail, they’re not buying from you and soon you’ll be out of business because some guy writing the code to the spam filters thinks selling, any kind of selling, is spam!

I could go on and on about why e-mail is dying. I could go on and on about how it’s unfair that “Big Brother” decides whether the words you choose to write in your e-mail are “acceptable” or not. I know it’s the worse form of censorship and I know it deeply affects good, legitimate businesses, but not those that violate the law – ironically.

The real question you must answer is what are you going to do about it?

Let Me Show You What I Have Discovered

There was a time when I was on every mailing list I could possibly be on. My mailbox used to be filled to the brim each and every day with packages, extra long sales letters, newsletters, postcards, telegrams, and more. Then, as the Internet took off, the volume of mail in my mailbox dropped year after year.

Today, while I still do my best to get on as many mailing lists as possible, my mailbox has but a mere fraction of the mail it once did. My e-mail box has more and more spam each day, and I find myself reading less and less of it, and I know I’m not alone.

This is a RARE opportunity for the marketer who is listening. Now is your chance to make an impression, to get your prospect’s attention, and to take sales away from your competition! But, I promise you, this opportunity won’t last!

As more and more marketers see their sales diminish to next to nothing online, they too will be looking for the next best thing to e-mail.

Well, you don’t have to look any farther. I’ve found it. In fact, before there was an Internet, it was the single, lowest cost, most reliable, and most profitable of all marketing channels!

It’s known in the industry as “Direct Mail Marketing.” You could simply think of it as marketing by mail (the paper and postage mail, not the electronic kind!). It’s been around for decades, has hardly changed, and there are no new laws being written to stem the tide of commercial mail – and there are no spam filters on the mailbox that sits by the road!

Here’s the Key to More Successful Marketing

Before anything else, you’ve got to get their attention! Nothing you have to sell will ever sell unless the people who can and will buy it actually see your message. How is that going to happen if you can’t get your e-mail delivered, much less opened? Face the truth, it isn’t.

But, you can get the attention you need and stand out in your customer’s mind when you use direct mail because it gets delivered. It stands out because there are few other pieces for it to compete with. And it’s highly targeted, unlike e-mail which is more like casting a net far and wide hoping that one or two of the right fish get caught in your net.
Here are some facts to consider:

checkmark-clearSince there are far fewer marketers currently competing for your prospect’s attention through the mail than there are with e-mail, your message will stand out.

checkmark-clearThere are no spam filters on your customer’s mailbox sitting by the road, nor will there ever be! The post office makes far too much money to block commercial mailman by mail is the most predictable, controllable, manageable marketing method, period. Nothing else even comes close.

checkmark-clearAnybody can use direct mail right now, even with the thinnest of budgets, no experience, and no customer list!

Where do you start? How do you get in on the greatest of all marketing channels now before it becomes too competitive? How can you get in right now, with almost no money and no experience and still make a decent profit for your efforts? The answers you seek are below. . .

I began my marketing career in the direct mail marketing business. I used to send as many as 50,000 pieces of mail a week, every week, all year long. If you’re doing the math, it’s over 2.5 million pieces of real paper and envelopes and postage every year!

And I could tell you, week in and week out, what our sales would be. I was rarely wrong. And the companies I worked for made millions of dollars from my direct mail marketing efforts. Granted, at that time, I was no marketing genius. I knew enough to get hired and the rest I learned as I went along.

During that part of my career, I was known as a direct mail marketer and until 1989 when I began to sell online (before the Internet) direct mail was the only form of marketing I did!

Now I’m looked to as a direct mail marketing expert because of my years of experience with this powerful marketing channel.

Until now, I’ve pretty much shared my direct mail marketing strategies with my clients who pay me up to $1,750/hour for my consulting time. I’ve been pretty quiet about direct mail marketing with people outside of my clients… until now!

I know you’re being challenged with your e-mail marketing because all of us in this business are. Joint ventures wont’ help because even your JV partner’s e-mail messages are being blocked and wholesale deleted before they are ever delivered to the people who specifically ASKED to receive them. Nobody is really making money with e-mail these days, at least not as compared to just a few short years ago. And it may be many more years until the situation reverses itself.

There is hope! Here’s what I’ve just done for you. I’ve gone into the studio and professionally recorded a powerful new program called “Direct Mail Marketing Secrets.” And you’re going to love how easy it is for you to get your hands on this all-new program! But first, let me share with you what you’ll discover in this 2-CD information-rich program.

You’ll Discover These Powerful Strategies in Direct Mail Marketing Secrets:

  • The fastest way to get your message in the mail even if you’ve never sent a single letter to anybody!
  • What to say and how to say it so that your prospects will read your offer and place their orders immediately without procrastinating! 
  • How to create your first mailer in minutes and where to go to get it printed and mailed at the lowest prices anywhere! 
  • What more than 98% of all those who use direct mail fail to do that’s costing them thousands of dollars with each mailing they send out! 
  • The 3 most important pieces of any direct mail campaign and how to make sure you get them all in every mailing you send! 
  • How to get people to open, read, and respond to your mailings instead of simply tossing in the recycle bin! 
  • And you’ll discover many more direct mail strategies too!

Here’s What Others Have to Say…

Robert, just got your package [Direct Mail Marketing Secrets] in the mail yesterday. I’ve already listened to both cd’s and the information is fantastic!

Edward Kroeker Internet Entrepreneur

“Robert Imbriale is a marketing genius. As a direct result of Robert’s marketing strategies I have increased my company’s income by more $500,000 in sales that I would not have done without his help.”  ” – Eric Lofholm, President, CEO   Eric Lofholm International

“Robert is brilliant. Because of what I learned from Robert, my business and my life has been improving exponentially. Robert’s passion for helping others is contagious and inspiring .”

Kris Solie-Johnson  Founder & President  American Institute of Small Business

Now is Time for You to Get Your Hands on This Powerful Program

Direct Mail Marketing Secrets by Robert Imbriale

Direct Mail Marketing Secrets by Robert Imbriale

You now have two choices to make. For one, you could decide that you’re simply not done with your own trial and error and wish to continue to experiment with e-mail marketing and lose a little more of your money.

Or you could decide to get your hands on the strategies that really work from a seasoned pro, jump ahead in your experience by at least 10 years, and be making more money with direct mail in the next 30 days than you could in a lifetime of going it alone!

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether or not this new program is just another infomercial designed to sell you more stuff to get the real answers, relax, it’s no such thing!

In fact, this is a stand-alone program filled with stuff you can use now, and is NOT designed to sell you anything more, period.

This program literally is a crash course in direct mail marketing and it’s well suited for the beginner, and the experienced marketer too because it includes so many profitable strategies for you to use right now!

Within just 90 minutes, your mind will be buzzing with new ideas and new strategies for taking your business to all new heights using the power of direct mail marketing. And you’ll have every right to expect your business to blossom since you’ll never again have to deal with massive competition and spam filters!

“Direct Mail is the Most Reliable, Predictable  and Profitable of all Marketing Media Hands Down”

Today any business that is not using direct mail in their marketing mix is simply missing out on the most profitable of all marketing media, period! In fact, in my own business, I started using direct mail again about 3 years ago and have seen a steady increase in sales when most of my other Internet marketing buddies are crying over their keyboards because their e-mail is simply not getting delivered!

One of my longtime clients has also seen a dramatic increase in sales when they began to switch from regular e-mail marketing after seeing 3 consecutive years of declining sales. In fact, if they didn’t make the switch they might not still be in business today. This year will mark their most successful year ever, and they are primarily an online marketing company that now uses direct mail to supplement their marketing efforts.

They are not alone in their efforts. Companies like Amazon.comeBay, and many other giant online retailers routinely add direct mail marketing to supplement their online marketing efforts. They now send full color catalogs to their customers who buy online because they know most of their e-mail marketing efforts are not getting to their customers and there’s nothing much they can do about it online.

With direct mail, there is NOBODY looking at your message and deciding (on your behalf, no less!) whether or not your message is “too commercial” to be delivered to your prospects! It just gets delivered every time, no questions asked.

So why would you bet the farm on e-mail marketing in times like these when other more profitable media have proven again and again to out-perform e-mail time and time again? It makes no good business sense and that’s why it’s in your best interest to add direct mail to your marketing efforts right now, not later. And getting your copy of “Direct Mail Marketing Secrets” is the best place to start!

Get the Program Now and Let Me Take all the Risk

One thing I’m certain of is that you’re going to love what you hear in this program and you’re going to be able to immediately apply just about everything you hear on these 2 CDs to your business, starting right now. However, I know I can’t please everybody, and that’s why I’m offering to refund your purchase price, in full, if after listening to this program, you don’t agree it’s everything I’ve said it would be.

guarantee100% Money-Back GuaranteeWhen you order Direct Mail Marketing Secrets, you’ll get a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! If you don’t agree that my Direct Mail Marketing Secrets Program contains all the gems I’ve mentioned on this web page, simply call my office and we’ll issue you a prompt, full refund. It’s that simple. I stand behind every product I sell so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Warning – The Price of This Program is Worth Its Weight in Gold

You could go right on ahead and try your hand at direct mail without my program. In fact, that’s how I got started. But I can promise you that you’ll be much happier when you have access to the secrets I’ve compiled for you in this program. Your investment in this program will pay for itself time and time again for years to come. I only wish I had access to this information when I was first getting started in the direct mail world.

I can promise you that this will most certainly be the most valuable $20 investment you’ll ever make in your business!

Here’ How To Order Now

We’ve made ordering simple. In fact, you can order using any credit card, check or your PayPal account. Simply click on the button below and you’ll be taken to our state-of-the art, secure shopping cart where you can checkout with confidence. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours and now all orders also include at least one additional unadvertised gift! You’ll have to wait to see what you’re going to get.. and I promise you, it’ll be worth the wait!

Remember, if you don’t agree that this program is everything I’ve said it was, simply call my office and we’ll issue you a complete refund. You’ve got nothing to lose and much, much, much to gain by owning this powerful presentation now!

Plus, You’ll Also Get This Special Bonus with Your Order

This Bonus Program is Yours to Keep FREE Even if You Decide not to Keep Direct Mail Marketing SecretsAdvertisingSecrets

When you place your order, I’m also going to send you another powerful audio program that will reveal to you some of the most profitable secrets to successful advertising. Normally sold for $19.95, this additional audio program will be shipped to you with your order absolutely FREE!

Now when it comes time to place more advertising for your business, you’ll know the secrets most in the business of selling advertising don’t want you know. This information will save you thousands of dollars when you place ads for your business online, in newspapers and magazines, and even on radio and television!

This is a FREE gift and my way of thanking you for ordering Direct Mail Marketing Secrets.

Can I Buy It Later Instead?

Like many people, you may be thinking that all this sounds really great but you’d rather wait to order. Well, you could do that.

The challenge with that kind of thinking is that you are at risk of missing out on one of the most profitable opportunities to come along in more than a decade.

Don’t get me wrong, here. There will be more great opportunities to come your way, but are you really willing to sit back and wait? Remember, those you admire and think of as “successful” got that way because they jumped when opportunities such as these show up. Those who wait continue to wait and usually end up taking action well after the opportunity at hand has long past them by.

Waiting is what causes so many would-be successful people to struggle when it comes time to pay the bills each month when they should instead be counting the checks they are getting in the mail each day. I prefer to be counting checks, and so do many of my clients!

While you may wonder why some people are so much more successful than others, look a little closer and you’ll find that the main reason for this is that they are unafraid to take action, and they know that even one good idea could be worth millions of dollars in additional sales.

So sit back if you want to. But don’t say you weren’t warned. There are many other people who will order their copy of Direct Mail Marketing Secrets immediately, many won’t ever read this entire letter before ordering. I am very successful today because I am one who jumps at opportunity when it knocks.

To get the competitive edge, to really succeed, you need every bit of information you can get your hands on. This program is not just another set of audio CDs that will sit on your shelves and become yet another piece of “shelf-help.” This is a program you’ll listen to again and again because of what it contains.

It’s a program that will help you take your business to all new levels of success using the powerful marketing channel of direct mail marketing. And it will help you now, no lines, no waiting!

Get your copy of my newest program right now, listen to it for the next 30 days. If you’re not in agreement that it contains everything I’ve mentioned here, simply call my office and we’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’
Best-selling author of Motivational Marketing
(available now at fine bookstores everywhere!)

P. S. Don’t let the ISP’s and spam filter creators determine what you can and cannot say to your customers! Smart marketers are turning back to direct mail to get their messages seen. Are you sitting back and watching your profits dwindle or are you going to do something about it right now? Get your copy of Direct Mail Marketing Secrets and take back control of your marketing messages and your income!

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P.P.P.S. You can’t wait on this because the e-mail situation is NOT going to get better anytime soon. And your business depends on getting fresh new orders in each and every day. Order your copy of this program right now and join the few smart marketers who are already using direct mail marketing to make thousands of dollars each and every day!